Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26 Final Day
Great discussions today on video of Sugrata Metra. The need for collaboration and discourse in education.  students talking about their learning.

Margret: reflection on Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind   six concepts
Nicole reflection on Drive and making connections to online learning.
Eric:  Flipping Technology Forward, professional development plan Rob: Tech policy and creating a new policy
Kara: Reflection of book Don't Make Me Think, redesigning web pages. Simple, ease of navigation, quick, Bold and distinct.
Bobby: made three minute i Movie and  two minutes to talk.
Jody Digital story telling. Jason Ohler
Cheie-Anne: Walk Through note taking tools
Becky A.: Incorporating tech onto my daily practice. More efficient.
smart notebook, Google docs, classroom blog
Becky S. Word Sift from Standford U.  Play with it or view the tutorial. This is a great tool.
Christy: Book reflection,
Amy: great video
Brian: power point embedded in movie, wow!
Jared: Music recording studio, The Station website. Gimp free photo software.   Wow
Lisa: a process for her learning this week.  i Movie and Google docs. Great job.
Reflection of the week.
I have learned so much this week from all of you.  Thanks Todd for all the great tech information.  The collaboration and support I received this week has been fantastic.  It really is a community of learners.  Thank you all and keep blogging.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday July 25

Center Court
This morning's discussion revolved around people sharing their vision for Tech. use in the fall.  Lots of great ideas from people.  The idea of the flipped PD has intrigued a lot of us.  I will be providing a two day in service for ELL teachers in a district that I work with, my plan is to spend part of time exploring Google Docs and all of the additional tools that Google offers.

SIR Ken Robinson Video
Powerful message to change education. This  was interesting twist with the drawings going on with the speaking. Again the power of video.

MOOC List:

Online Learning
 Online learning or virtual schools discussion. The pros and cons of online learning. The problem  is offering a challenging  program for students of diversity.Some students do not belong in an on line school because their needs can not be met.

Effective Web Page
  •  clear vision and purpose, 
  • ease of navigation,  
    • Your eye goes to the upper left hand corner first
    • two clicks
    • 18 months to create a good web site
  • User engagement
    • overall experience
  • clear concise messaging
    • simplicity on the first page i important.
    • Type of font, color, pictures are important
    • Long Term Planning
    • Collaboration
  • simply
  • limit bullets
  • Use high quality graphics
  • Effective charts
  • Less is More!   
Again today was full of great information.  There were lots of internet sites iTunes U, Mooc, Teacher Channel etc.  I now have more resources available to me.

  • Reflection

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EDAD 536 July 24, 2013

What I learned Today

Over the past few days, I have been working through learning how to blog and finally feel comfortable doing it.  I find that I am enjoying reading and responding to what others have written. I really  appreciate and enjoy starting each day with quite time to reflect.  Life gets so busy that it is nice to slow down and have some reflection time.

Discussion of Poor use of Technology

Todd's quote, "How do we educate teachers to use technology effectively?" I also liked  the "the three prong approach "
  • One to One with teachers
  • Clearly, repeating administrative expectations
  • Provided extra time for teachers to get the job done
"Our goal is to help teachers become technology literate "

Google Guy

OMG this was fantastic.  I love the translator option for documents.  What a resource for districts.  I want to learn more about real time sharing.  This was the first time I have ever used Google Docs.  I will use this!
Finding the balance in the classroom, the role of the teacher is changing.
I am a strong veliee in project based learning. This levels the field for all students .
Student source: google site

Brain Research

I am interested in reading some of Jane McGonical's work on game based learning.

Today I learned so much, my brain is spinning.  I definitely want to introduce Google docs to my small school districts so that they can use the translate application. I have some great ideas for professional development for next year.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, Thoughts and Reflections
Great discussions today about how technology is used well in education.  I got some great ideas. The use of Dragon Speak to help students with speaking and writing to express their thoughts was powerful.

Discussion of Transforming Schools with Technology
Technology is a tool for us to use in our teaching.  Teachers are always using a variety of resources to teach and help students learn.  The ultimate goal is for students to become successful learners.

Use of Video to Tell a Story
A common theme of short pieces of text that student's held up.  Technology is essential to educatiing students.  The repeated theme of teach me to think, teach me to create, teach me to evaluate was inspiring. My question is, shouldn't we be teaching students to think, create and evaluate?

This was fun and engaging! The best part of this activity was that I learned something new that I can take back and share with teachers. I can see how having students make movies will be excellent for building   language skills and providing language practice.  Students could also demonstrate learning by making a movie. This resource tool can be used in a variety of ways. It fits well with "Teach me to create", from the video that we saw today.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Notes and Thoughts From, Today
Video #1
 Technology changes the way we teach and learn. The crazy thing about it is constantly changing! I think it has to be a balance so that students learn how to interact with others collaboratively.  As I listen to this video, I am struck by the how thoughtful use of technology taps into the use of multiple intelligences.
  • Responsible use of tech.
  • Technology is a tool and resource to use to learn
  • The use of personal mobile devices
  • Training
  • Freedom of sharing
  • Equal access for all students-how do we make this happen? Whose job is it? 
  • Digital Equity
  • Schools as community centers- using our schools after hours.   
Video #2
Climate crisis of human resources-poor use of our talents. Education systems are being reformed now, but why the system is broken.  There is a need for an educational transformation.  Education is on a linear track / organic
  • Not everyone needs to go to college, maybe later or not at all.
  • We have built our education system on conformity-fast food model of education
  • Its about passion, if you are doing something you love., changing education system to  move from industrial to organic where students will flourish (teachers too).
  • Dreams to reality.
The most exciting thing I learned today was how to create a blog!  It was fairly easy to do.  I was very lucky to sit between two knowledgeable people who helped me out a lot!
Last week I took a class on Priority Leadership and on of the most important take a ways from the class is the use of reflection time after learning.  The blog will serve to be the reflection tool.

I am excited to enrich my technology knowledge and use.  My challenge is how can I get this into the hands of teacher since I work in numerous district with various levels of technology?


Hopefully this works!